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Yahoo Short Interest Tool: Bug Fix Update

September 8, 2009

I updated the Yahoo Short Interest Tool error handler so that it will catch when the Yahoo Finance servers momentarily refuse a data connection. It will try again up to 10 times, and then will write #N/A’s to the symbol results and move on to the next symbol. This should fix that particular “This file cannot be accessed” bug that you may have been getting. However, there’s a new issue where I can’t get data for any symbol past BBBY in the S&P 500. Not sure why. GRRRRR

The newest revision is out on my Google site under Released Tools.

It’s Here: Short Interest Data Tool

March 24, 2009

Here’s my tool to download the Short Interest data from Yahoo for multiple stock symbols:

Download Here

It’s pre-loaded with the most recent S&P500 stocks and data (as of Sep 8, 2009). You’ll need to enable macros to use the tool. The macro takes about 2 seconds per ticker to run, so the S&P 500 takes about 17 minutes.

This is “Panhandle-ware”: If you feel it’s valuable, hit the donate button and pay what you think it’s worth.