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Complex Analysis Tool (CAT): Analyzing and Recording Think or Swim RTD Data in Excel

December 19, 2014

I just updated the stock Excel CAT tool to use RTD instead of the now defunct DDE. This only works on Excel for Windows unfortunately. You can go download it now from my Google Site under Released Tools in the Donors Only folder. If you already donated in the past you can use your password to access it. If you want to become a donor (or throw me some more coin) you can do so by clicking the Donate button:

If you want to learn more about the CAT, the original blog entry is found here.

Status Update: Getting Email Alerts from a Thinkscript through DDE

July 13, 2011

I’ve got an Excel sheet working that will send you an email upon a cell value changing. Right now it requires a Gmail account. I’ll try to generalize it as much as I can. I plan on releasing it as a free tool when it’s done. Then you can use it in your own DDE spreadsheets. I will also incorporate it into the CAT tool for donors. And I will also update the ability to stream custom columns from TOS through DDE in all my tools, thanks to reader Allen, and put up a full tutorial to walk you through setting it up. No ETA, could be a couple of weeks.

CAT Tool Plot and Update: Dollar Weighted OBV for ES

February 4, 2010

Here’s a plot of part of the day’s Dollar Weighted On Balance Volume superimposed over the price of the S&P E-mini (ES) futures. It only covers the part of the time my laptop was connected to the intertubes today, but I thought it was interesting. The Pink is the ES, the Blue is the DWOBV. There was a divergence around 10:30 AM that was followed by a big drop:

Also, I updated the dollar weighted CAT tool to record and plot the ES price (or whatever you put in your list as the first symbol), as well as added a capability to add a start time. That way you can click “Start” and it will wait to record until the time hits, or leave it blank and it will just start immediately. The update is in the “” file in “Released Tools“. In the future I plan to do a bit of a re-do of the tool to make it more generic, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

CAT Tool Updated

February 3, 2010

It was pointed out to me that the prior CAT tool is really making a plot of On Balance Volume. I called it Advance / Decline, but it’s not really doing that in the official sense of the term. Anyway, it was also pointed out to me that 5 million shares of a biotech bomb move this indicator just as much as 5 million shares of GOOG, which is right, of course. So I added another file in my CAT tool release, called “CAT_DollarWOVB.xls”. It’s a dollar-weighted On Balance Volume calculation. This way, the 5 million shares of biotech bomb at $1.20 isn’t as important as the 5 million shares of GOOG at $525.

Download the “” at “Released Tools” to get the update.

Complex Analysis Tool (CAT): Analyzing and Recording Think or Swim DDE Data in Excel

January 31, 2010

Donors rejoice: It’s finally here! My Complex Analysis Tool (CAT) for Think or Swim. This tool is an extension of my TOS_Excel_DDE tools, with the addition of macros that record the data at time intervals you choose. I covered the full how-to on DDE linking in a previous post. An earlier version is what I used to create the plots in these two posts.

The CAT tool comes pre-configured to take the S&P 500 and calculate an Advancing / Declining Volume for the index in real time. You can get data as often as every second. If the price of a stock now is above the price at the last time step, then the volume for that stock since the last step is positive. Vice versa for down. The result is summed for the whole list and then plotted. Here’s an example plot:

You could adapt this tool to other calculations or stock watch lists. Instructions are in the file; hopefully it’s self explanatory, but I can answer any questions you may have as you try to modify it to your needs.

The CAT tool is for donors only. You can download the file “” from the Donors Only folder under the “Released Tools” section on my Google Site. If you haven’t yet become a blog donor, you can do so now by clicking the donate button. Donate an amount you feel my tools are worth to you.

If you want me to make you a custom version of the CAT tool, you can also email me for a price quote. Thanks for your support!