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Must-Visit Site: Strictly Market Profile

December 4, 2009

Gary’s website on Market Profile is great. Give him a visit.

Must-Visit Blog: Simplicity in Trading by @FuturesTrader71

September 30, 2009

I always study the tweets of @FuturesTrader71. I was very glad to hear that he has started a blog! He’s a pro futures trader out of the CBOT building. It’s always great when someone with talent and skill is willing to share it. I’ve added his new blog to my blogroll here, and I’ll be reading every post.

Once Again, Check Out Thinkscripter’s Site

May 15, 2009

Thinkscripter continues to produce high quality indicators at a prolific rate (many more than I do!) He’s also got a growing community forum with 374 members at this moment in time. Make sure you visit there often for all things Thinkscript.

He put up a very nice, unsolicited note about my Trailing Stop Strategy Tutorial the other day. This kind of thing still surprises me, but then again, it doesn’t. Why would someone want to freely advertise for the site of what some could term as their competitor? Because traders are, in general, some of the most generous, meritocratic, helpful and basically high class people I have ever known. There are exceptions, and most of them reside on the Yahoo message boards and other unseemly corners of the internetz. But for the most part, traders who are online on blogs, twitter, and the like fit the description above. It’s one reason I love this game–I get to associate with the best. So let the best product serve the market, let ability and quality be recognized, and help and support your fellow traders. I love you guys! *sniff*

The Number One Trader on Twitter

March 5, 2009

Who is the number one trader on Twitter (according to Twitter Grader)? That would be:


The ironically named Upside Trader, who, when he does go long, is usually in an inverse ETF like FAZ.

You should: Follow @upsidetrader on Twitter and visit his blog. Immediately. Get off my site. Go!

BTW: You’ll find little old me in the elite of DFW. Why? Most people choose Fort Worth, Dallas, Arlington or one of the other metroplex cities. So I win in the obscure category by default. 😉