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CAT Tool Updated

February 3, 2010

It was pointed out to me that the prior CAT tool is really making a plot of On Balance Volume. I called it Advance / Decline, but it’s not really doing that in the official sense of the term. Anyway, it was also pointed out to me that 5 million shares of a biotech bomb move this indicator just as much as 5 million shares of GOOG, which is right, of course. So I added another file in my CAT tool release, called “CAT_DollarWOVB.xls”. It’s a dollar-weighted On Balance Volume calculation. This way, the 5 million shares of biotech bomb at $1.20 isn’t as important as the 5 million shares of GOOG at $525.

Download the “” at “Released Tools” to get the update.

EOT Automation Status Update: Good Progress

November 3, 2009

Okay, so here’s where I am: The strategy is working with ATM templates. It takes the first arrow after a color change. I have also started creating a GUI for managing the strategy parameters outside of the built-in Ninja strategy inputs area. This is because we lose the saved real-time data like EOTSVCommitPaintBar every time we load, modify or restart the strategy. The strategy starts over, but the chart plot stays, causing them to no longer be trading the same thing. The new GUI is vital to make sure we can start the strategy in the morning at the same time as the chart, and leave it alone all day so that they match. This has also been the biggest delay item as I had to reverse engineer part of the Ninja Chart API through trial and error and deal with inserting my form classes into the Ninja namespaces.

I still have more to build, but here’s where it is right now:


Basically, when you load the AutoTrade strategy on a chart, it will create a button on the toolbar (see example on the chart toolbar, called “EOT Strategy Panel”). This button will open the Auto Trade Strategy Controls (see example form floating over the chart). You can minimize the controls, move them around, etc. If you close the control form, then clicking the toolbar button brings it back, but resets the control states. The control form will let you specify if the strategy is armed to enter trades (or disarmed–just watching), as well as a start time and an ending time. Not yet finished are options to take only longs, only shorts, or entries in both directions, as well as the ATM strategy template to use. I will also be able to add custom inputs as the need arises for individual projects.

I still have to build the rest of the GUI, hook up the inputs to the strategy and do some testing, but the hard part is over (I hope). I should have a release before the end of the week. Thank you very much for your patience with this very delayed process. My schedule and learning curve have not been cooperating, but it looks clear from here!