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TradeTimer for NinjaTrader 7: Control Auto-Trade Strategies by Time and Direction

November 25, 2010

I’ve just released my first commercial NinjaTrader package! It’s called “TradeTimer”, and it’s a GUI and code library that you can use with your auto-trading strategies to only trade during times of day that you specify. You can also toggle your entries on and off without stopping your strategy from processing exits and other calculations. Check it out here:

TradeTimer for NinjaTrader 7

Ninjatrader 7 Plug-in Beta Testers Needed

November 18, 2010

EDIT: Thanks to the beta testers! The TradeTimer has been released!

TradeTimer For NT7

I’m going full speed ahead on some Ninjatrader offerings, finally living up to the tag line of my blog. I need a couple of people who run Ninjatrader 7 to beta test a plug-in for me. Email me readtheprospectus at gmail if you are interested, and I’ll get back to you with details!