Thinkscript Code Library

UPDATE 20 May, 2009: My Google Site is starting to become my code library, so check over there:

Here’s the old page content:
Here you will find a listing of all Thinkscript code I have posted to the blog. This is a work in progress, so please pardon my mess…

DaVinci Trade Rate Indicator: This is a sponsored indicator that measures the rate of bars per minute or volume rate per minute on a tick chart.

VWAPALOOZA: A collection of different VWAP indicators.

Tick Fade Indicator
: Plots a dot if NYSE TICK ($TICK) goes above/below a threshold value.

Automatic Opening Range and Fibonacci Levels ala Trader-X: Automatically plot the Opening Range and Fibonacci retracements according to Trader-X‘s new style.

Formatted Pivot Points: Format the Pivot Points as you like them. Dynamically hide/show the important levels based on current price action.

Last Price Axis Label (Now obsolete): Plots the last trade price on the y-axis. ToS made this a feature. Code for reference only.

NR7 Paintbar: Paint a dot if the current bar is an NR7.

Volatility-Based Trailing Stop: Trailing stop logic and directional switching. Adaptation of the Chandelier Stop.

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