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Thinkscript Chat Room Comes to Think or Swim

January 17, 2012

Today I got word from Think or Swim of a new resource for Thinkscript users and developers. The ToS folks are listening to the requests of their customers for more Thinkscript support. Within the next two weeks, there will be a new chat room inside of the Think Desktop platform covering the topic of Thinkscript! The idea is to build a ToS sanctioned community where people can share ideas and scripts, or just ask for help. It will be moderated by ToS. They plan to have free chat times, and also have the occasional presenter talk about a certain topic of interest like they do in the other rooms in Think Desktop.

As you may know, I tried to put up a little discussion board, but there wasn’t enough interest. I know that there are sporadic groups of folks on the yahoo boards, or communities at sites like Thinkscripter’s. Hopefully having a centrally located area will gather more people together. I think it will also be a good place to make requests for new features in the Thinkscript language and report any bugs that we see.

I see any attention given to Thinkscript from inside ToS as a big positive, since the management types don’t necessarily see it as a big profit center. The more we as customers show up and support the work of the ToS dev team, the more firepower they have to get resources to bring us more capability.

So look for this in your Think Desktop platform soon!