New Donor FAQ–Please Read!

Here are a few answers to common donor questions:

•”I donated but never got an email with the password info. What gives?”
–I send out the info as soon as I can after I get notice of your donation from Paypal. It’s usually within an hour or less after you donate, but sometimes longer. I don’t have an automated response system, but I try get it out to you ASAP. Some people get my email stuck in their spam filter, so make sure to check there. I email the account associated with your Paypal account, so if you need the info sent somewhere else, let me know that too. In any event, feel free to email me if you are wondering what’s up with your situation. If I don’t respond to email, something awful happened and you can leave me a comment on the blog, or “@prospectus” on Twitter and I will get in contact with you.

•”What’s the minimum donation amount to get access?”

–I don’t have a minimum donation amount. I ask you to send what you feel it’s worth to you. Most of my donations range from $20 to $50, but there are outliers both ways. I’ve been there before in the bootstrap phase, so I don’t feel right about gouging after I have been so generously helped by other traders. I do feel right about asking for support or personal effort though. I may have bootstrapped, but I put in lots of work. Still, if any of my stuff helps you land a big windfall, feel free to pass on some of the action. 🙂

•”Do I get free updates?”
–You only have to donate once. I don’t ask for another. I do try to give support to my indicators and tools if something breaks and add features as it interests me, or as I have time to honor other requests. If you have proprietary tools or indicators you want me to do for you, email me for a price quote. You can always ask questions freely, though.

•”How do I get these things into Think Desktop?”
–I wrote a tutorial to guide you through how to import the scripts into your TOS software. Read it here.

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