I found the way to record prior DDE values tick by tick rather than using a hacked macro every second or two. This will make its way into my generic CAT tool for all donors as well as custom offerings. This problem has been killing me for weeks. The inspiration finally hit and it works. Such is life in code development.

Back to my custom project cave…



  1. Eric Says:

    OUTSTANDING! 🙂 Take a victory lap! 🙂

  2. Prospectus Says:

    Well, not yet. It’s alive but not very fast. It can’t keep up with 500 symbols. It works fine for at least 10. I don’t know where the actual dropoff point is in between. So now I’m looking for ways to improve the performance, if I can.

  3. ZXY Says:

    Could you explain what this script does?

  4. mdb Says:

    Could you please release 10-symbol version?
    Thank would be great!

  5. Enright Says:

    Is this available for FX pairs in TOS too?

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