Status Update

I’ve been buried in work and really busy with our new son. But really, I’ve also been pretty burned out on blogging and programming. I’m starting to get the bug again though, so expect more soon. I’ve got a post on market physics in the works and am getting serious about my CAT tool update, especially about incorporating options volatility surface analysis.

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8 Responses to “Status Update”

  1. Eric Says:


  2. Will Says:

    “… CAT tool update … options volatility surface analysis.” Just what I’m looking for! Or, more concisely, YAY!

  3. Yohanes Says:

    hello, I want to protect my thinkscript is it possible ? thanks

  4. Prospectus Says:

    We can’t as 3rd party users but think or swim can inside their platform.

  5. Hugh Bryant Says:

    I am definitely following your CAT tool update status, but I also have another inquiry. I made a Jackson donation the other day, as I have been following you for a bit, and I wanted to get access to your donor studies. In particular, I wanted to have a look at your SwingHigh/Low study, and I am glad that I did. I wanted to make a modification to it whereby I placed a number underneath (or above) the white dots indicating the current count of the swing highs and lows. I put in the following code, but it is just printing the number “1” above and below every dot. I thought that it would be incrementing the variable “lcount”:

    plot lcount1 = if swinglow then lcount else na;

    plot hcount1 = if swinghigh then hcount else na;

    What I actually want to do is have a counter that counts swing highs and lows, but resets when the 50 sma changes from positive to negative, or negative to positive. In other words, this counter would be reset to 0 (or 1) each time the 50 sma changes “polarity”. Any thoughts? Is this something relatively simple, or a pay-to-play request.
    Thanks again for your nice work. Also, are you still trading /nq? I saw your comments about just wanting two points. I have been paper trading /nq for quite a while gearing up my indicators and studies and trying to gin up my confidence a bit more. I can paper trade the crud out of it, but am still a bit shaky on pulling the trigger in live mode. I do have some support/resistance lines that I generate each morning that are very eery in their accuracy for providing trading zones. If you are interested, let me know.

  6. Hugh Bryant Says:

    Hi Eric,
    I did a bit more work and simply printed the variable lcount without any conditions. I discovered that it is counting the number of bars betweeen successive highs and lows, not the highs and lows themselves. Looking at the code, I don’t see why that is, but that simply reflects the state of my ThinkScript programming skills. The use of the “rec” command is new to me, and I apparently don’t quite get it yet. Thanks again

  7. Stephen Says:

    If there is any possibility of expanding on the ThinkscriptStrategyReport that would be excellent.
    MAE or maximum adverse excursion would be my first choice for an addition.

  8. sanjeev Says:

    Hi Pro, Thanks for your amazing amazing work. Just wondering when the next CAT update or option volatility studies might be available.

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