Blogger’s Block

I’m still alive, just been overwhelmed with some health issues, work at my day job and also suffering from a bit of Blogger’s Block (like writer’s block, but in your pajamas). As soon as I think of some more relevant topics, scripts or projects, I’ll get some new posts up.


3 Responses to “Blogger’s Block”

  1. Fifth_Street Says:

    Nice to hear that:)

  2. TiredOfCode Says:

    Here’s a topic worth thinking about – after coding studies/strategies for 2 years I feel like the straight black and white signal does not bring out the best trader in me. Sometimes I feel like trading is more like playing a video game against other players than it is a processing a digital signal.

  3. Wen Says:

    Hello sir: I find your site very useful. I have a small request to make for your TOS script. Apparently, TOS changed the way they output CSV files for strategies. Your Thinkscript Strategy Report tool no longer works properly. I use this tool very often along with monte carlo.

    Let me know if you can do an update on the ThinkScript Strategy Report Excel sheet. Thanks. I am willing to donate.

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