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I stopped using my yahoo email address months ago. Since there is no forwarding option available, I have to manually check it once in a while. I forgot about it until tonight, and I have a few irate people that didn’t get answered. I’m sorry!

Please do not use my readtheprospectus at yahoo email address anymore. You can reach me at readtheprospectus at gmail from now on. You can also @ me on twitter (I’m @prospectus). Again, sorry if I missed you!


2 Responses to “Contact Email”

  1. nagendra jampana Says:

    Sign in to you yahoo mail.
    Then click on your name beside the Yahoo Mail logo to reveal the drop down menu.

    Choose “Edit My Account”.
    You will then be asked to verify you account, Just key in again your password.
    Next, edit your yahoo information. Click the Edit link beside the “Member Information” Line.
    Change the preferred content to YAHOO ASIA.
    Then click Finished.
    Accept the Terms of Service (TOS) for yahoo Asia.
    After this, you will be brought back to your email homepage. You should see the YAHOO Asia logo on the top left of your screen.
    We can now enable POP access and Email Forwarding.

    Forwarding your Yahoo Mails to Gmail

    Look for Options to the upper-right.
    Click on it and choose “Mail Options” from the drop-down.
    Click “POP & Forwarding” from the menu on the left.
    Click the link that comes up to the right (“Set up or edit POP & Forwarding “)

  2. nagendra jampana Says:

    By Changing Yahoo domain from

    Yahoo America to Yahoo ASIA you can forward the Emails

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