Read The Prospectus Discussion Forum Now Open

I’ve created the beginnings of a discussion forum for readers of my blog. Here’s the link: RTP Discussion Forum There’s also a link in the blog sidebar at right.

To be clear: I DO NOT have the time to really patrol this board, answer questions, etc. I’ll do what I can, but this is a user-driven community. Whoever wants to post questions, share ideas, collaborate on scripts, or bad mouth me or the Fed (or both) may do so. I’m providing the rallying cry under my blog’s name, since I have so many readers and generous supporters.

I really have only two rules:
1. Don’t be a jerk. Trolls and flame wars are for the Yahoo boards.
2. Don’t steal other people’s content. Give credit where it is due if you get something from somewhere else. If it is someone’s protected IP, then don’t share it. I’d also ask my blog donors to not redistribute my donor-only scripts or tools here (or anywhere for that matter). That doesn’t include my free offerings–modify away there. I’ll keep my official ones on the Google site.

I’ve asked some people to be moderators, and they have the power to change the board around as you want it. So dive in and make it your community!


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