Hello to EOTPro!

Richard has decided to move on from EOTPro. I wish him the best in his new trading adventures! He’s always been a great friend and mentor to me, and I know I’ve needed it. Richard’s departure has opened up a need for a developer at EOTPro. I’m starting to slowly try to fill Richard’s shoes. It’s a tall order, but I’m doing my best. Along with development for EOTPro proper (hence my scarcity here), I’ll be finishing and releasing my automation for Bill’s Arrows over the next month. That way, EOT members will be able to have the indicators from their subscription with EOT, and get automation, including customization of rules and support from me. I still plan on blogging here as my time permits, and in developing for Think or Swim and Ninja separately from EOT as I have in the past. (Of course, their proprietary info shall remain proprietary and will not be shared.) More info to come in the near future!

If you haven’t checked EOT out, hit the picture link below!


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2 Responses to “Hello to EOTPro!”

  1. John Says:

    Are you still working with EOTpro?

  2. Prospectus Says:

    No, I’m not. They needed a full time developer and I wasn’t available full time. I work with EOT customers though.

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