Another Lame Non-Update

So I’m still working on the EOT strategy. I’m trying to find a way to be able to stop and start it without erasing the saved data in the chart. EOT members know that you can’t mess with the chart or you’ll lose your volume info since it only works with real time data. If you have to reload the chart data (which you do whenever you change any chart parameters or say switch a strategy on or off) all data from earlier in the day is wiped out. I have a couple of solutions I’m investigating. My work had also been Hell last week with deadlines and computer crashes, and a root canal gone haywire. It’s not been my week.

Anyway, there’s the crappy status. Sorry I don’t have better news 😦

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2 Responses to “Another Lame Non-Update”

  1. Daniel M. Says:

    Prospectus I am not sure if you have looked into the GOM recorder on the Ninja forums.

  2. Eric Says:


    I say its not a lame status update, its an opportunity to get better.

    PS: Will you wait till Bill’s Arrows 4.2 before releasing the Bill’s Arrows?


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