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EOT Release Delayed

October 18, 2009

My apologies to EOT members. I’ve had some health issues at the end of last week that delayed my release of the Bill’s Arrows automation. I had a root canal and then lived through “The Tooth That Wouldn’t Die”, some sort of dental zombie horror B-movie. It’s finally subsiding, so I’m just getting back to normal.

Anyway, I want to assure that I don’t release something that’s not ready. I’ve got more testing to do. If you are an EOT member, and you are willing to be a beta tester (just run the thing on your chart in sim mode, no real money) and report back to me any bugs or other feedback, send me an email and I’ll get you a beta copy.

And Thinkscript crowd, I’ve got the three-line break project lined up next. I still love you guys too. 🙂