On Deck: Stuff I’m Working On

Just a quick look at some of the million things I’m working on. Comment if you have a vote on priority:

CAT tool for recording and plotting DDE data in Excel

An approximation of Market Profile / Time-Price Opportunity plot

Porting some of John Ehler’s Indicators (Butterworth filter, Super-Smoother, Cycle Periods etc.) to ToS

Signal vs. Noise analysis

Three-Line Break indicator

Auto-Trade plug-in for Ninja Trader: bring auto-trading with ATM templates to your strategy

3 Responses to “On Deck: Stuff I’m Working On”

  1. Dan Robbins Says:

    3 thumbs up for 3 Line Break! I use them via ESignal on the 1 minute chart for a momentum snapshot. Having it on TOS would be awesome….

  2. Bryan Says:

    Thanks for the great work. Cant wait for the release of the MP/TPO Plot!

  3. jphillips9 Says:

    My vote is for Market Profile/TPO! Will this include Value Area?

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