I have discovered the Holy Grail. This is big. If you donate $1,000,000 I will send it to you.

What the hell, I’ll give it away! I have had a change of heart. In lieu of donations, please send flowers to the freedom lovers at freethinkscript.blogspot.com.

plot HOLYEFFINGGRAIL = close[-1];

Plot that on your charts. IT. ALWAYS. SHOWS. THE. CLOSE. OF. THE. NEXT. BAR. IN. THE. FUTURE.

Isn’t that worth $1,000,000? I would think so. Also, if you donate to my blog, all of your dreams will come true. True story.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled “Pro-scam-us” blog, already in progress…



  1. RappidFyre Says:

    Pssssst…Over here….Hey Pro, How long do you give it before this “secret Priory of Sion code” reaches the other side of the web?

  2. Prospectus Says:

    I know this one was kind of a cheap gag. Or is it really part of a more subtle message that sometimes, free scripts are worth what you pay for them? Maybe a bit of both?

    It’s also funny to me that my free stuff outnumbers the “donor-only” offerings by about 4:1, and even the “donor-only” scripts have tutorials so that you could make your own if you wanted to and had the time or ability. But maybe my efforts are misguided. I think I will start hacking into the Think or Swim webservers to take trades. How DARE they charge me commission?

    Anyway, hilarity has ensued, but now I’ll get back to work. Thanks for indulging my digression into the world of internetz asshats.

  3. Simple Domains Says:

    Simple Domains…

    […]HOLY GRAIL INDICATOR IT WILL MAKE YOU MILLION$$$$$$$$ « Read the Prospectus[…]…

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