Another Must-Visit Site

If you like my scripts and articles, you’ll like seeing them again over at I can never get enough of my own articles, personally. I was quite gratified to see a paragraph or two of my Strategy Tutorial article appear verbatim in this post. It’s like sending your child off into the world, hoping they will make a name for themselves. It’s good to see that my words are making their marks on the hallowed interwebz, as it were.

They also managed to get an “alleged” shot of me on the local exit ramp, begging for loose change:


Apparently it’s some sort of metaphor. All I can say is this: When I beg at my local off-ramp, I make it a matter of policy and self respect to NEVER wear a shirt. That leads me to believe that this is in fact Thinkscripter in this picture, rendering these baseless allegations to be false. I can only surmize that the proprietor of the people’s republic of freethinkscript (who has great taste in content and a world class graphic design department from all indications) is the one in the car (as it should be, natch), but don’t ask me who took the picture. That may be the biggest mystery of all. I will not cease to work until there is a special commission appointed by congress to find who took the picture and to ask the important question: was it digital or film? These are the types of issues that our nation must face should we ever have hopes to bring peace and justice to the world–nay, the GALAXY.

Thank you, and good night.

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One Response to “Another Must-Visit Site”

  1. RappidFyre Says:

    Hahahahaha…stop…hahahaha….please…hahahaha…no really….hahahaha….my sides….hahahahaha…call an ambulance …hahahaha…I can’t breathe…hahahaha

    I haven’t laughed this hard since….well it doesn’t really matter. This is pure gold!

    Pro buddy….thank you for the respiratory workout!! It was and continues to be extremely invigorating!

    This is better than watching Vince do a Slap Chop infomercial.

    This is beyond hilarious. A Pitch Man to work the “other side of the web”. Scratch, Flash, Lemon Pants, whatever his name is and his “all you can eat buffet” of other people’s content. Classic!

    This clone has all the mannerisms of a slightly advanced parrot.

    Like Dr. Frankenstein giving life to a kaleidoscope of TOS code, I could see it now, 2 weeks after the inauguration, the lock is removed from Stem Cell research… and a week later… A star is born!

    It’s nice to see you have a sense of humor about this. You do fine work and a great job of getting quality educational resources out to the people. Don’t stop what you’re doing….you or Eric for that matter. Rest assured, whatever you do, you’ll be doing twice 🙂

    You guys are an asset to our trading community.

    Oh…BTW… with the Real TOS Scripter please stand up… lol


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