Configuration Control

A lot of my scripts have been updated and tweaked by me, and there are different versions running amok. I need to do a clean-up and update of my strategies in particular. I’m buried in day job, family, and donor work, but I’ll clean it all up soon. Sorry for the mess! Suggestions for how to organize would be appreciated.


8 Responses to “Configuration Control”

  1. Eric Says:

    Version control can be a down right bitch. Richard might be of help here, reach out to him.


  2. Prospectus Says:

    I’m finding that typing the source code into the blog post is a really bad idea for version control. If I make a change, I have to go back and change a pile of code as well. I think the best idea is to have all source code hosted in one download location so I can update it once and be done. Any code in a blog post will be a snapshot in time or purely for teaching experiences.

  3. Eric Says:

    What ever you post should ‘mirror’ from what you have locally.

    Organize yourself first.

    A place to start is naming conventions of your source code files, AND the directories they are archived in.

    Sounds easy, but being systematic (as in like trading) is not easy.

    Say for example a directory like c:\my documents\kickasssystem1\

    where each time you rev the file, perhaps increase a number or just have the date in the file name

    c:\my documents\kickasssystem1\holygrail v09 or
    c:\my documents\kickasssystem1\20090405 holygrail

    Now once you got your stuff sorted directory wise you could also add a release directory

    c:\my documents\kickasssystem1\release

    where all your latest nugat is stored

    then you could go with a gmail account, use google documents to store these release docs and scripts and then just link to it in your blog.

    By having the release directory its just adding an extra bucket to this bucket brigade of pushing out content. May be over thinking it (likely)

    Then I believe you can have folks even attach to this storage spot via an RSS feed and they will be updated to the latest script blather you have going (by using google reader for example)

    I read you and Movethemarkets via google reader because it allows me to get to your content on my time. Think of it as a tivo for all those blogs you want to keep up on. It gives you a highlight or even the whole content and you dont have to go anywhere else.

    Good Hunting!

  4. Richard Says:

    If you ever get your own web hosting, you can set up a public area that mirrors your local disk via rsync or similar. Maybe CVS or SVN would be even better (and just as easy to do) if you want to track versions.

  5. Prospectus Says:

    Thanks for the tips.

    Eric, I am SO disorganized it’s not funny. I have code across three different PC’s, and I’m constantly making experimental changes to things, adding this and that to scripts. I think you’re right that I have to have a system for myself before there’s any hope for the blog.

    Richard, I’m thinking of buying web hosting, but weighing the maintenance I will need to do on the wordpress front vs. making do with the wordpress hosted option and fiddling with uploads.

  6. Woodshedder Says:

    Pro, man, are you the same fellow that used to post over at iBC?

    This is some great work my friend!

    I’m adding you to the blog roll and will be stopping by quite frequently.

  7. Prospectus Says:


    Yes, for good or ill, I am the same fellow. Thanks for the compliments. Hope to get some updates here soon. I have a few things in progress, but none are ready yet.

  8. pinoytrader Says:

    Glad to know you have a new home in the blog world. I’ll be your regular visitor.


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