Short Interest Tool Update

I’m testing the short interest tool right now. If it works as expected, I’ll put it up tomorrow.

UPDATE: Looks like it’s working! I have a list of 5000 listed stocks. The macro pulls down data for these at roughly one ticker every two seconds, so the whole thing takes just under 3 hours (!!) to run. Luckily, the short interest data is only updated monthly.

I had to perform some trickery to deal with Yahoo’s HTML tables. The Excel file uses a web query to import the data. Depending on which ads get rendered on the page, the specific table numbers change. So I had to import the whole page and then use a Match() function to find the data section with the short interest. If you care about the details, post a comment.

I’ll upload the file tomorrow morning. Donations gladly accepted, though not required. Pay what you think the tool is worth to you!

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