NR7 Paintbar for Think or Swim


Here is a Thinkscript indicator to flag if a bar is an NR7 (narrowest range bar in the last 7 bars). I first read about them back in the day on TraderMike’s site. Usually, decreasing volatility and range foreshadows increasing volatility and range. An NR7 can alert you to this pause in price movement. In this indicator, a yellow dot above the bar signifies that the bar is NR7.

Here is the code:

# NR7 Paintbar
# By Prospectus @
def range = high – low;
def na=double.nan;
# Define how you want the value plotted.
# I chose 30% of bar range above the bar high.
# Change plotter to whatever you want to customize it.
def plotter=high+range*0.3;
# Define an NR7–narrowest in the last 7 bars (including itself):
def isnr7 = (range <= range[1] and range <= range[2] and range <= range[3] and range <= range[4] and range <= range[5] and range <= range[6]);
# Define the plot:
# (Will paint if NR7, no paint if not)
plot nr7 = if isnr7 then plotter else na;
# Formatting:

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